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Innovating Business-to-Business Relationships with JomlahBazar

Four ways this wholesale marketplace is keeping up with the times

business to business marketplace

In the past few years, rapidly evolving technology changed Business-to-Business (B2B) relationships. With a variety of options on the internet, today’s customers have grown used to an experience far different from the traditional marketplace negotiation. Additionally, this digital transition also affected the relationships among businesses—making verification, instant communication, and partnership more important than ever.

Here are four ways emerging e-marketplace JomlahBazar is keeping up with the times to provide its clients with the best B2B experience.

Customer Service

Gone are the days where consumers endure poor customer service and mediocre products just because there are no other options. Nowadays, with online transactions and international shipping, quality products further away are just as easy to avail. This means that with global online businesses as your competition, it’s not only the battle of the finest products but also of the best purchase experience.

In the JomlahBazar supply chain ecosystem, the client is the main focus. 

JomlahBazar does this by conveniently presenting direct links to a business’ communication channels so that customers can raise their immediate questions without having to search any further. This gives the business a chance to respond swiftly while the customer is still viewing their page on the e-marketplace. 

Additionally, the JomlahBazar Negotiation Feature is also available to clients interested in bargaining prices or making purchases that go beyond the maximum amount indicated on the website. This allows sellers greater flexibility to accommodate other offers.

Good customer service, however, extends beyond the purchase itself. JomlahBazar provides clients with easy access to after-sales services offered by the wholesale sellers registered on its website. Clients are also encouraged to leave honest reviews which sellers are expected to address promptly to retain customers and shape their products accordingly.


With the democratization of the e-marketplace comes security threats any business should be aware of, such as scams like supplier imposter fraud. JomlahBazar prevents this by reviewing a business’ information before approving its account for sales. Furthermore, businesses can verify each other by providing a satisfactory review of their business partnership, which will result in a badge appearing next to their names. This, along with other positive customer ratings, will boost a seller’s credibility–an essential component in trust-based relationships.


There is no doubt much time and effort is needed for the entire process of seller verification, negotiation, and transaction on e-marketplaces–especially when major investments are at stake. This is why businesses should aim for long-term partnerships rather than one-shot transactions. JomlahBazar curates such connections.

By building reliable partnerships, businesses support a win-win situation by ensuring a sustainable market for their products. JomlahBazar encourages this by notifying its clients about upcoming industry events, such as Dubai Expo 2020, and creating opportunities to network by hosting online gatherings for its clients.


JomlahBazar envisions a future where B2B services are combined with the best of B2C marketing. Through the strategic use of data sharing, this future is well within our reach. 

While strictly adhering to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements, the data gathered by JomlahBazar will be shared internally (and part externally), which is the key to unlocking end-to-end performance. This allows the sales departments of wholesale suppliers to collaborate with JomlahBazar’s marketing department in creating personalized recommendations to further boost their visibility to target leads. JomlahBazar’s mission is to create something the entire supply chain ecosystem will benefit from—increased connection and visibility while maintaining privacy and confidence.

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