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JomlahBazar—Traditional Dubai Bazaar Digitalized

JomlahBazar is bringing Dubai’s wholesale marketplace experience to your fingertips.

Jomlahbazar supply chain

Press release

Dubai— E-commerce company JomlahBazar is proudly launching its website—a secure, user-friendly platform that offers consumers easy access to various wholesale distributors with the best deals.

After COVID-19 drastically had shifted the world of business, this venture emerged as a response to traditional traders’ need for digital transformation. Physical stores have seen a decrease in consumers due to pandemic restrictions, however, a window of opportunity opens for merchants to reach an even bigger market—online.

JomlahBazar is an online wholesale marketplace, catering to businesses and individual bulk buyers of the Dubai Bazaar. It provides an avenue for interaction between resellers looking to expand their business and wholesale consumers searching for the lowest prices. For hundreds of years, the traditional Dubai Bazaar has been an indispensable part of the country’s economic development. Thus, JomlahBazar aspires to create a digital platform for this experience.  

As a new player in the e-marketplace, JomlahBazar presents these key features:

  • Convenient online communication channels for negotiations and trade
  • Verification of potential buyers’ and sellers’ identity for client security
  • A transparent platform that prioritizes service for all its stakeholders
  • Access to a variety of sellers with a long history of business in traditional bazaar
  • Provides wholesale buyers with better options, promotes a wide reach in the B2B market for sellers, and offers beneficial partnerships with our service providers

Additionally, JomlahBazar presents “Business World”—a section of the platform dedicated to upcoming meetings and events designed for clients interested in doing further business transactions with each other. 

This venture believes local sellers and consumers need to prepare for a digitally-led business world. Now, more than ever, we need to realize the opportunity to adapt our businesses. This goal, along with the vision of becoming the preferred e-marketplace of Dubai’s vendors, continuously fuels JomlahBazar to provide the best service to its members.

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