What Does Your Coffee Say About You?

three women drinking coffee

This International Coffee Day we pay tribute to every adult’s best friend—coffee. Whether you need a cup of liquid courage to start your day or a chilled burst of freshness to get you through that meeting, your favorite cup of joe always has your back. If you’re like most of us, you don’t even have to think twice before placing your favorite order. But what does your coffee say about you?

  1. Black

You are down-to-earth and efficient. You take in life’s bitterness swiftly like that shot of espresso and charge towards the day ahead. You’re one of those rare people who savor the flavor of pure, quality coffee. But behind that brave exterior, you are also in need of something or someone to lift your spirits whenever you’re down. With a little boost, you can do anything you put your mind to.

2. Latte

You enjoy calmness and comfort. While coffee is a necessity to you, you also see it as a treat. You probably enjoy drinking your lattes warm in the morning as a gentle pick-me-up and end the day with a laid-back iced vanilla latte. To you, balance is essential.

3. Mocha

You are free-spirited and adventurous. You take your coffee with a dash of chocolate to mellow down the challenging day ahead. Beneath the organized go-getter is someone sweet at heart. You believe that life is meant to be enjoyed.

4. Cappuccino

You are sophisticated yet patient. Anyone who orders a cappuccino knows that it is best enjoyed slowly—- during a heartfelt conversation or while people-watching from a cozy nook. With your keen eye for detail, beautifully crafted designs on froth never go unnoticed. For the cappuccino lover, amidst life’s chaos, there is always time to unwind.

5. Macchiato

You are unique and know what you want. While many of us aren’t sure of the difference between a latte and macchiato, your refined tastebuds can tell! Like your coffee, you’re open to the complex bittersweetness of life. From time to time, you love experimenting with something new— a dash of caramel or raspberry black forest here and there.

Now that you’ve reached the end of this list, fret not! In both life and coffee, there is so much more to discover. Explore the full variety of coffee products available at Jomlah Bazar here.

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