Our #BeautyworldExpo2021 Experience: Hottest Finds + More

It was an honor and pleasure for the JomlahBazar team to participate in this year’s stunning #BeautyworldME. Beautyworld Middle East is an annual international convention that has established itself as the most popular fair for the beauty and cosmetics industry. 

Jomlah Bazar At Beauty World

The three-day exhibit brings together new brands and industry leaders alike for a full itinerary of events overflowing with live demonstrations, multisensory experiences, and networking opportunities. This year we explored the Beautyworld exhibition at the Dubai World Trade Center in search of the hottest brands to partner with for our clients in the beauty and wellness industry.

As borders reopen and the holiday season rolls in, we’ll be needing everything posh, rejuvenating, and enchanting by the bulk for our wholesale clients. From October 5 to 7 we’ve been busy using all of our senses—smelling perfumes, comparing shades of nail polish, and sitting in luxurious salon chairs. Here are some of our favorite snaps of the experience:

Jomlah Bazar At Beauty World

In a sea of truly fabulous exhibits, here are some of our favorite brands:

1. Seluz Fragrance and Flavors

First on our list is Seluz Fragrance and Flavors. As one of the leading manufacturers of fragrances and flavors in the world, Seluz created a delightful multi-sensory experience in their booth that was truly unforgettable.

2. Cosmetica كوزمتي Salon Products and Equipment

Aside from unforgettable scents, spa and beauty industry owners should also invest in high-quality and cost-effective salon equipment.

3. Note Cosmetique Beauty and Cosmetics

“Dermatologically tested, paraben, and cruelty-free.” This is the makeup for today’s ethical consumers who care as much about their impact on the environment as looking and feeling great.

Buzzing with over 30,000 visitors from 116 countries, the exhibition is a wonderful opportunity for brands looking for exposure in the competitive landscape. Aside from publicity, Beautyworld also provides an avenue for establishing partnerships with businesses all over the world. For the JomlahBazar team, it was a glamorous opportunity to keep up with the latest trends and network to increase the variety of brands offered on our marketplace.

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