• The Top 10 Perfumes for Men Who Value Elegance

    The Top 10 Perfumes for Men Who Value Elegance0

    A good men’s fragrance is the perfect way to punctuate any outfit, be it an understated casual look or something more formal. And while the roster of perfumes for men is ever-expanding, there are a few that stand above the rest. From classic woody scents with impressive longevity to bracing citrus notes – and some

  • Essential Toolbox List: Must-Have Tools Every Man Needs

    Essential Toolbox List: Must-Have Tools Every Man Needs0

    Every man and woman, regardless of living situation or field of interest, should have a set of basic tools at home. Yes, there’s TaskRabbit and contractors-for-hire, but you’re going to have to hammer a nail, tighten a screw, or put together a piece of IKEA furniture on your own at some point, whether it’s due

  • Table Manners

    Table Manners0

    Table manners are the rules of etiquette used while eating, which may also include the use of utensils. Napkin Etiquette Place the napkin in your lap as soon as you sit down at a casual meal. Wait for the hostess to remove her napkin from the table and unfold it in her lap before unfolding

  • Proper Table Setting Guide

    Proper Table Setting Guide0

    Table settings make a big impression on your guests and customers, and most restaurants follow standard table setting etiquettes so that customers know what to expect when they sit down to eat. As a restaurateur or caterer, you’ll want to know how to properly set your tables for all dining occasions. The following guide provides

  • How to reset your sleep patterns in Ramadan

    How to reset your sleep patterns in Ramadan0

    Rejuvenate your body and mind by setting positive habits this Ramadan Ramadan ushers in a shift in habits, timings, and routines that helps us reset our lives and remind us of what is truly important. It’s also a good time to look back and reflect on our lifestyle choices for the entire year. Fasting has

  • 10 spring break camps for kids in Dubai

    10 spring break camps for kids in Dubai0

    Looking to keep the kids occupied? This list could be exactly what you’re looking for You don’t have any plans for spring break? Not a problem. These spring camps are ideal for keeping your children entertained for the next two weeks. We’ve got you covered whether they’re into sports, art, coding, sustainability, dance, or just