Top 10 Marketing Facts in E-Commerce

Top 10 Marketing Facts in E-Commerce

I want to promote my business, but where do I begin? Every business has started with this question at some point. Luckily, we’ve rounded up the answers for you. 1. Make sure you understand your market! The first and most important step in marketing would be to know your audience. While this is a well-known

I want to promote my business, but where do I begin? Every business has started with this question at some point. Luckily, we’ve rounded up the answers for you.

1. Make sure you understand your market!

The first and most important step in marketing would be to know your audience. While this is a well-known fact, it helps to reflect every now and then on whether you have updated knowledge of your target market. Some good questions to ask are the following: What challenges are they currently facing? How has technology affected their consumption habits? What pop culture trends can be incorporated?

2. Build a solid brand reputation

Create an outstanding brand reputation by banking on what makes your product or service unique and seamlessly weave this message into your advertising.

3. Advertisement methods that work

Once you have a clear picture of what your audience’s preferences are, the next question on your mind would probably be: what’s the best way to advertise? There are an overwhelming number of ways— from billboards to TV commercials, flyers, and more. But what works?  A recent article by HiveLife shows that more than 70% of consumers ignore pop-up ads. So cross that advertising trend off your list and focus on more meaningful ways of connecting with your audience instead. Additionally, today’s consumers are more skeptical of advertising practices that tend to portray “too good to be true” images of products. While professionally taken photographs may look better on your website, this study by Bazaarvoice reveals more than half of shoppers believe that photos uploaded by fellow buyers are more trustworthy. To increase consumer-generated content on your page, give irresistible incentives to customers for uploading a photo review after their purchase.

4. Enhance the shopping experience

Now that you’ve got your customers interested in your product, it is time to focus on their shopping experience. This includes the basics, such as optimizing your website for mobile browsers and reducing your site’s loading time. Remember, a page that won’t load is a page that won’t be seen. Remove unnecessary elements that may slow down your page and compress images for optimum speed.

5. High additional costs are the primary obstacle

Once your customers are headed for the purchase, double-check for one critical obstacle: high additional costs. According to a study by the Baymard Institute, high shipping fees and taxes are the top reason why customers abandon their shopping carts. While it is tempting to reel them in with huge discounts, be wary of shocking them before the checkout with hidden fees that cost more than half the price of the item.

6. Build loyal customer relationships

Like all businesses, the goal is to create a loyal customer base that will sustain operations. So you’re probably wondering, how do I get them to come back?  The answer: content marketing cultivates trust. Aside from creating quality products and an enjoyable shopping experience, invest in providing context why your brand matters. By publishing interesting content, your brand is openly sharing something valuable with its target audience while establishing its authority in the market. Some common forms of content marketing include how-to articles, listicles, reviews, and infographics.  But what will catch their attention?  

7. Make content with a visual appeal

When creating content, focus on the visuals. Instead of writing a lengthy product description loaded with technicalities, try using short video clips instead. Apart from being more efficient at getting the message across, videos are also easier for people to remember—and with the right shots, may even stand out from the sea of media on their screens. In today’s world, time is of the essence. They want to find what they want in the shortest possible time. And find answers to their questions quickly and directly.  So the best way is to itemize the questions and answer them.Combining the text with the photo, as well as its itemization, encourages the reader’s mind to follow the text.

8. Video is the new content

There are a lot of reasons why marketers anticipate video marketing to be the future of content marketing, including the fact that 90% of customers say video content makes it easier to purchase products online.

9. Publishing content that is relevant

Do not be afraid to become an authority in your field. You do not have to have heavily branded content, but by publishing content related to your industry, you will be able to direct customers to your site when they need answers.

10. Mobile Friendly Platform

Most consumers said they expect their continued use of mobile shopping to persist over time, as they’ve increased their mobile shopping. A PwC survey indicates that 60% of respondents in China and 58% of respondents in the Middle East are doing more shopping with their phones. So I’ve followed all the tips, does this mean my business will be foolproof? Today’s market is dynamic, evolving, and unpredictable. Thus, it is no surprise that things may not always go as planned– especially in content marketing. By conducting regular assessments on how your content is faring, however, you can greatly minimize losses and focus on what works best. Some important points to consider when testing your content are: which formats receive the most attention, what time your audience engagement is at its peak, which social media platform works best for publicity, and what topics are the most relevant to your market. Use this evidence to refine your content marketing strategy for the new year ahead. Whether you’re a marketing newbie or a long-time business owner looking for some refreshing tips, we hope you found this article insightful. Let us know by leaving a comment below or sending us a message on any of our social media channels.

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