What Does Your Nail Polish Color Reveal About You?

What Does Your Nail Polish Color Reveal About You?

If you love nail polish colors, raise your (manicured) hand. It’s great, isn’t it? If you, like more than half of women aged 18 or older, routinely treat yourself to a manicure, you know how instantly gratifying the experience can be. most women consider the color of nail polish above all else. That’s right, the

If you love nail polish colors, raise your (manicured) hand. It’s great, isn’t it? If you, like more than half of women aged 18 or older, routinely treat yourself to a manicure, you know how instantly gratifying the experience can be.

most women consider the color of nail polish above all else. That’s right, the perfect shade is more important than the brand. And, when it comes to colors, women were found to have quite a few favorites. In general, the preference goes to brighter and neutral/natural shades, with pink/mauve, clear, and red coming out as the top color choices.

You may not think there’s much to selecting a nail color other than deciding that it’s pretty, but your preferred polish actually says a lot about your personality.

A fiery orange nail polish colour means you’re spontaneous:

Is orange your go-to nail polish color? a “bright pop of orange” is a “ballsy or impulsive” shade. As such, that means the wearer is equally spontaneous. If you’ve been considering giving the shade a whirl, there are plenty of fiery shades on the market.

Cool gray nail polish colors are totally chic:

Gray equals chic. you’re equally as cool as that gray nail polish color you’re wearing. Go ‘head, girl. Gray shades have become increasingly popular, which means you have, well, more than 50 shades from which to choose. And that list just keeps on growing. In fact, the gray nail trend started taking off in winter 2019. Grays are making a mark because they’re a contemporary color but also cozy, soothing, and serene. Gray signifies balance and serenity, and I think sometimes we forget how it feels to be still and neutral. Jomlah Bazar recommended trying the long-lasting Pretty Matte Nail Enamel Grey 012 by Flormar, according to the company’s site, the polish has a quick dry formula. Perfectly matte, glamorous, intense colors.

Blood red and oxblood nail polish colors mean two different things:

If you’ve ever hunted for the perfect red lipstick, you will know that there’s no such thing as simply “red.” Much like red lip color, some red nail polish colors can read pinker, orange, purple, and so on. And, according to manicurists, which red you choose for your nails can be very telling. I’d like to think there isn’t such a thing as an angry manicure, but if I had to choose, I would venture to say a blood red manicure could be construed that way. We don’t blame you if you want to try this bold shade- and you don’t need to look any further than Pretty Essential Red 013, which is described as an opaque bright tomato red. While tomato red talons might just mean you’re angry, oxblood nails tell an entirely different story. Sexy, sultry for me is always a dark burgundy nail. It’s a modern classic. Pretty Essential Nail Enamel Crimson 015, by Flormar, is a sure bet.

Neon nail polish colors demand attention:

Neon nails demand to be seen. If you sport these fluorescent nail polish colors, you’re the life of the party for sure And, as of 2019, statistics show that more women are gravitating toward this bold manicure. Nails are a fun way to incorporate some neon into your life. And nothing says hot girl summer quite like neon, right? From lime green to bubblegum pink to even a technicolor rainbow manicure, there’s no wrong way to rock this nail trend. According to the insights shared by Pinterest, neon ombré nails were searched for most of all the neon varieties, followed by neon French tip.

A black nail polish color shows a person’s true personality:

People who choose black as their favorite color are often artistic and sensitive. While these people aren’t introverts, they are careful with the details of their lives and do not share easily with others. Having said that most gals wearing a black mani are creative types that think out of the box — and a little bit of a rebel. I think it takes a lot of confidence to wear a black manicure, and for most women that do wear one, it’s their signature look. Black nails for the win!

Blue nail polish colors are for the creative:

Like black, blue nail polish also points to creativity. If you frequently paint your nails in this shade, you’re probably a forward-thinker. Fans of blue nail polish colors can experiment with periwinkle, navy, teal, and about a million other shades of blue. Even if you’re not one to always don a blue polish, Harper’s Bazaar suggested trying the polish as your something blue on your wedding day. It sounds daring, but that doesn’t mean you have to go dark or neon blue, of course.

If you’re looking for just a tiny bit of blue, Jomlah Bazaar recommends No. 021, which is a pearly white polish shot-through with just a hint of blue sparkle.

Pretty pink nail polish colors are super feminine:

Neon and bright bubblegum pink aside, choosing a hue from the pink color family symbolizes relaxation. Soft colors like pale pinks, creamy beiges and even variations of bright colors like coral can definitely add to a relaxed state. That’s not all pink nail polish color says about you, though. Pink nails also reveal that you have a feminine and flirty personality. Polish your nails with pink hues whenever you want to show off your girly and sweet side! If you’re not sure which shade of pink is for you, you should know that pink nail inspo is everywhere on Instagram. As of this writing, #PinkNails generates some 2.7 million results. Whatever your color ends up being — muted blush or ’90s mauve — you can guarantee it’s on the social networking platform.

Nude and taupe nail polish colors show that a person is “unfussy”:

Much to neutral nail fans’ chagrin, neon nails steamrolled right over the barely-there trend. That’s right, folks: It appears that nude is out and neon is in this summer. Neon colors may have usurped your favorite taupes in 2019, but these two-color families attract two very different personalities. While neon nails are perfect for people who want to stand out, nude nails, on the other hand (pun totally intended), are chosen by people with decidedly “unfussy” personalities. This type of manicure can be seen as “low-maintenance. Although choosing a nude nail polish color seems like it would be easier than picking out a neon shade, the process is, well, kind of high maintenance. Today that it’s important to choose a shade that matches your skin tone. Doing so will work with — not against — your complexion.

Youthful people don white nail polish colors:

If your go-to nail polish color is solid white, you’ve basically found the fountain of youth. Okay, okay, maybe that’s a stretch, but, nevertheless, a white manicure points to a youthful personality. It’s fresh and very chic. It works on all ages and lends an element of youth to anyone wearing it.

Even if you do have a super playful and youthful personality, though, white monochrome nails may not always work as intended. Avoid white if your skin tone is cool and super pale. White is, however, a great choice for medium and warm skin tones. Its neutral and clean finish complements the nails and makes them look healthy.

It’s also advised to pair white polish with a particular nail shape. A short, natural nail shape will wear white polish best. It complements the hands without becoming too stark or heavy set.

Glitter nail polishes point to how much fun someone is:

If a glittery nail polish color is your go-to, you may always be on the hunt for a new distraction. That might mean you’re a little restless, but it also means you’re a ton of fun.

So, what if you wear clear nail polish or no nail polish colors at all?

If you gravitate toward clear nail polish, you can handle anything thrown your way. You’re basically a DIY guru. After all, there’s a good chance you painted your clear nails yourself, didn’t you? Mhmm, we thought so. Not all clear polishes are created equally, though. When going colorless, you’ll definitely want something that makes your nails look their healthiest. The nail polish color may look pink in the bottle, but it’s actually “a universal shade that enhances the color of your natural nails”. After application, “the pinks of the nails become pinker and the whites become whiter for a shining finish and healthy, glowing effect.” Once you try the clear polish trend, you may never go back.

Or, you may find yourself going completely clear — as in no polish at all. Buffing your nails can provide the shine you need. buffed nails feel “fresh,” “less uptight,” and “just the right amount of natural.”


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